Curo Health provides a unique concierge doctor service to high net individual clients of our client insurance companies.  We understand the busy nature of today’s life and want to make the experience as pleasant as possible.  Our doctors, therefore, travel with all needed equipment to the client’s office or home to do the full medical in the ease of the client’s comfort zone.  This causes minimal disruption for the client and shortens the underwriting time required to extend cover for the client.


Curo Health pioneered the travelling nursing service for the life insurance industry in the early 2000s.  This has now become the norm for the industry and has proven to increase engagement rates dramatically. 

The convenience of the professional nurse travelling to the office or home of the client removes all obstacles for the client to purchase the product from the insurance company.  It also makes it easier for the financial advisor to offer a suitable product to the client with minimal effort on the client’s side.

Curo Health Travelling nurses has successfully seen over 1 million clients in the past 14 years.

Curo Health offers complete medical risk assessment services to the life insurance industry. With an extensive network of nurses and doctors throughout South Africa, your clients are covered.

  • Largest National footprint for traveling medical professionals
    (A network of over 2500 professionals nationwide)
  • Wet Chemistry tests and/or ‘Rapid’ testing for insurance purposes ( Dry Chemistry analysis)
  •  (Ask about our Rapid service and how it can benefit your organization. Rapid testing offer faster turnaround times and greater customer experience)
  • Integration via web services for bidirectional communication between insurer and service provider
    (Integration with your existing system will offer seamless communication)
  • Mobile communication systems between healthcare professional and our operational system
    (Our professionals operate with tablet computers in the field. With digital forms, GPS tracking, immediate feedback are just some of the benefits)
  • All communication between insurer and service provider is digital
    (Through our online webform and automatic feedback notifications, your will always be kept in the loop)
  • POPI Compliant
    (Your information is safe and secure)
  • Our Call Centre offers all 11 official languages
  • Friendly and efficient call centre staff
  • Recognized office hours are from 8h00 to 17h00 on weekdays
  • Saturdays from 8h00 to 12h00


These professional registrations (HPCSA, SAPC, SANC), linked with POPI, ensures the insurer of the commitment of the company to data and personal informational security and non-disclosure.